Serving Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner, Salads, Tea/Coffee, Juices

  • Just-A-Call and the Delivery will be made to your Room.
  • A Relaxing Walk takes you to “Dine In” and Experience the Restaurants Services & Ambience.

Sea Food Specialty Restaurant

Serving Fresh Fish of your selection

Italian / Mexican

Restaurant serving delicacies with a Touch of Home Cooked Food

Indian Restaurant

Indian Specialty Restaurant serving Indian Traditional Cuisines

Oriental Restaurant

Serving you Best of Arabic Food and Lebanese Specialties

Sweet Shops

Specialised in CUP Cakes & Traditional Iranian Sweets

Asian, European, American and Many more Multi Cuisine Restaurants.
Restaurants and Coffee Shops with Choices for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner,
Snacks Round The Clock

Exclusively For Dine In Only

  • French / Vietnamese Restaurant
  • Japanese Restaurant – Serving the Mouth Watering Japanese Cuisines
  • Café Boutique / Coffee Shop – Turkish Café Restaurant
  • All Available in the Hotel Building Premises, Besides, Opposite and Across the Street

Menu Cards available in the Rooms
Food & Beverage Facilities are out sourced and NOT owned by the Beach Hotel Apartment